As they say in the South, "I earned it honest."

I come from a long family line of creative types. Dad was an artist for over 70 years, and my mother was crazy for Mod Podge and macramé. Her mom was also a painter, writer, and musician. My great uncle photographed the North Carolina mountains and Blue Ridge Parkway - one of my most favorite places to go and just "be".

So, I can't help myself.

As a kid, card and gift shops were filled with wonderment, and to this day, my heart beats a little faster when faced with a colorful display of stationery items or unique gifts. 

I believe that memories of special places stir up stories within our souls. I also feel those stories can often connect us in some unexpected ways. Oh, and the art of the handwritten note will never die, if I have MY way about it.

Those are the reasons I created BlondeSighted Art.

The subject matter focuses on places and things that have "stirred" my soul in some way.

My specialties include greeting cards, art prints, jewelry, and selected home decor items, adapted from original paintings, photography, and graphic design. Sometimes, I'll even add a little story to explain why an item was created.

My father's work is available in the shop as well. He was an extremely talented artist who enjoyed sharing his memories through putting them on paper. Watching him create, I learned so much about his life and am beginning to understand the power of connection through art and storytelling.

Our work has been featured in Our State magazine's online store, in the GreenHill Center for NC Art, Korner's Folly, and The Old Mill at Guilford.

I appreciate your support of women artists and small business owners and hope you'll find something here that "stirs" your soul and perhaps sparks a memory or interesting story of your own as well.

Leigh T.